SWVAPEC 2018-2019 Mini-Grant Proposals

SWVAPEC 2018-2019 Mini-Grant Proposals

Southwest Virginia Professional Education Consortium
Mini-Grant Request for Proposals (RFP)

Please submit this proposal by August 15th 2018 by 5:00pm.

All submissions must be made electronically through this form.

In order to promote projects that support the induction of novice teachers, the Southwest Virginia Professional Education Consortium offers mini-grants to assist schools in planning and implementation of these projects. The overarching purpose of the consortium is to develop strong partnerships between the institutions, schools, and school divisions that will enable us to reach the following goals:

* Create a community of inquiry into learning to teach and the development of school/university cultures that promote life-long learning for all members of the professional education community.
* Work collaboratively to create a supportive environment for the preparation and induction of new teachers into the school community.
* Develop and nurture a cadre of teacher leaders who are exemplary models of effective teaching and strong clinical educators/mentors for pre-service and beginning teachers.
* Support school/university research-based initiatives that promote student learning and well-being.
* Facilitate greater cooperation and communication among consortium members

The key elements that should be addressed in the proposal are:
1. Relevant Consortium Goal(s) that will be addressed by the grant activities (select from above)
2. Participants should include the building administrator who works with novice teachers, the lead clinical educator / mentor, clinical educators and mentors, and student/beginning teachers. It is understood that participants will vary based on the nature of the activity
3. Description of the project activities
4. Importance of the project activities to the school community
5. An evaluation plan
6. Budget[1] ($100-$300 base, plus $50 for each student/first year beginning teacher)

Upon completion of the project, a brief on-line report of activities and evaluation will be submitted to the Consortium. This report will be due July 15th, 2019. Recipients are also asked to prepare a display board to share at the spring meeting.

If applicable, your school must have completed a year-end evaluation, including the section regarding 2018-2019 Mini-Grant.

Note that in order to receive SWVAPEC Mini-Grant Funds, you must include a Principal Support Letter. We understand that your school may not yet be aware of new hires, therefore the deadline for the Principal Letter will be extended until September 1, 2018. Please use the template included on the email with your survey link and fill in all appropriate information. Be sure to print on school letterhead and have it signed by your principal.

Principal Letters Only should be sent to -

Email: dknight1@vt.edu
Mail: 107 War Memorial Hall, Blackburg VA 24061
Fax: 540-231-3717

Direct questions to Dawn Knight at dknight1@vt.edu

[1] Individual schools will be granted the amount requested based on this calculation as long as all participating schools can receive the base amount. The final amount may be reduced to ensure that there is enough money to provide all participating schools with the base amount.